This article will shed light on the Executive Protection Training Programs provided at Pacific West Academy. Several philosophies exist regarding executive protection programs. The Academy imparts the Certified Executive Security Specialist course. It is taught by different instructors with diverse backgrounds. The curriculum has been vetted heavily and approved by the government and allows GI Bill coverage. The training programs at Pacific West Academy have evolved to adapt to the changing world. They prepare students for an enriching and successful career. The Academy’s staff and instructors are committed to security and military operations.

The Certified Executive Security Specialist course imparted at Pacific West Academy is a thirty-three-day program that allows trainees to learn the basics of executive security agents. This course helps trainees to control the climb of walk-crawl-run phases. The Academy starts with basic California’s Bureau of Security and Investigation Services Card, Baton, and Exposed firearm to ensure that the licenses get processed at the end of the training program. The CESS course introduces and develops the basics of Executive Protection, Conflict Resolution techniques, and Arrest and Control. It divides the classroom duration with combative, simulator training, and scenario training.

After the basics are firmly imparted to trainees, the Pacific West Academy continues to more advanced training programs. This includes Taser, CPR, and pepper/OC spray to the trainee’s arsenal. School Security Guard, sexual harassment training, and Resume writing prepare trainees for a wide range of career opportunities in the executive protection fields. Besides, the Academy uses modern training facilities, real-life scenarios, classroom training, driving courses, and a reactive shooter simulator to ensure well-rounded training.

The Pacific West Academy reviews different career opportunities in the protection/security area besides executive protection. These include estate agents, school security guards, overseas contracting, event security staff, etc. It aims to establish every trainee for success in their career. Trainees are astounded at the detail and attention put by the Academy’s instructors and staff. The Army Special Forces, Israeli Secret Service, U.S. Military veterans, and Marine Corps teach the advanced training course. For more information please visit

Pacific West Academy offers advanced courses and training programs to each of its pupils and prepares them for the future. Like every educational requirement, safety and security education is also essential, and people can successfully produce and build more pupils. Similarly, people can get professionally trained, strong students ready to serve their wisdom and dedicate themselves to protecting the environment.

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