The development of glass technologies throughout the Renaissance period greatly contributed to the look of large glass windows. It also resulted in the appearance of an Orangery that was committed to growing orange trees during harsh winter. It was a room or a building designed to protect and shelter the rise of exotic plants and fruits which would otherwise don’t have any chance of surviving as a result of the climate change. The title Orangery emanates from its intent to shelter orange trees. Through the years, it is now a luxury space for homeowners.

An Orangery seems like a natural extension of a home. It is normally coated in brickwork with a lantern roof accompanied by pilasters and rigid columns. It’s made with large windows and a glass roof. An Orangery has a decorative appeal with the spacious floor and natural light that seeps into the space. The concept of an Orangery was comparable to that of a greenhouse but relatively more spacious and larger.

Several traditionally construct Orangeries are now transformed into cafes and restaurants. Instead of being isolated or torn down, the aesthetic appearance of the building is put to finer use. Besides growing exotic trees and plants, homeowners are currently utilizing Orangeries as a space for dining room, lounge, office, playroom, home gym or whichever seems fit to the owner. Several companies in the business have taken up jobs for building Orangeries like Orangeries UK. For more information please visit here

The traditional practicality that used the area for growing tropical trees and plants are now transformed into luxury living spaces. During the Renaissance period, an Orangery represented the status of riches similarly in the modern world world, having an Orangery is considered a luxury. The traditionally build Orangeries had its drawback where it would become an icebox in winter and a furnace during summer. However, with the help of modern technology, companies such as Orangeries UK have come up with innovative solutions. The glass windows and roof are now installed with UV filtering and automatic ventilation to the summer heat and a triple glaze for effective insulation in winter.

Several companies have invested in building Orangeries for modern homes in addition to cafes and restaurants such as Orangeries UK. The traditionally construct Orangeries lack in certain criteria. The room would become a heating room during summer and transformed into an icebox in winter. However, with the help of modern technology, companies like Orangeries UK have come up with innovative solutions. The glass is being set up with triple glaze to provide effective insulation during winter. The glass roof and windows are installed with UV filtering followed by automatic venting for the summer heat.

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