An internet tutor is somewhat like a private tutor or a teacher. However, the teaching-learning procedure takes place in the digital classroom. Devices such as computers, laptops are used, and the teacher and the learner communicate through the digital platform. The wave of technology has greatly shaped and provided an innovative replacement for the conventional education and tutoring system. The popularity of online education is also growing, resulting in a growing demand for online tutors.

Like any teaching job, certain standards and qualifications will need to be met to become an internet tutor. Considering that the tutoring process will be through the digital platform, owning a personal computer or laptop is indispensable. Along with the device, a high-speed internet connection and a webcam is also required. A suitable candidate for online tutoring jobs is someone who’s proficient with computer operations and online teaching tools. Some of the common online tools applied for online tutoring include Skype, email, Microsoft Office, and similar others.

Educational qualifications are integral criteria for an online tutor. Most employers and companies need at least four-year degree courses. Online tutoring jobs provide their instruction service for all levels of education and age groups. It can vary from kindergarten, elementary, high school, college-level to mature learners opting for distant classes. As such, the eligibility requirement may differ based upon the employer and the learner. Teaching experiences are of great value and provides a great advantage for those seeking to become an online tutor. However, it’s not an essential criterion.

Some employers and companies decide to employ non-experienced tutors, provided the candidate has profound knowledge on the topic he/she intends to teach. A good online tutor also needs to be skilled in various learning strategies, instructing, active listening, reading comprehension, and similar others. He/She should also be fluent in English, both written and oral. Besides educational qualifications, teaching experiences, and personal knowledge, a skilled online tutor needs to have the zeal to impart knowledge.

Additional language knowledge may also offer an edge for the online tutor. Since the learning and teaching process occurs in a virtual classroom, an online tutor needs to possess a personal computer or a notebook. He/she must also have a high-speed Internet connection and a webcam. A qualified online tutor is also required to have proficient skills in computer operations and the web. Online tutoring jobs offer an innovative chance for teachers to work from home and earn. It eliminates the hassle of commuting to and fro and provides more time for other leisure activities.

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