Shincheonji is a Korean word that can be translated as in English as’new heaven and earth.’ The name comes from the book of Revelation from the Bible. Shincheonji is a type of religion that calls themselves as Church of Jesus, founded in 1984 by Lee Man-hee. He called himself the angle or the promised messiah coming from the east, i.e., South Korea, which was mentioned in the Bible a book of Revelation 7-2. He believed himself to be that promised messiah mention in the Bible and claim to be a true man who thinks that he is the one person who can interpret the Bible.

Most people believed that Lee Man-hee is the next coming of Jesus Christ, who came to rescue the apocalypse men and women. But no matter his teaching and how he announced or pronounced himself, the mainstream churches in South Korea believed this religious group a cult. The way he framed the Bible and Jesus seems to be heretical and finds it abusive towards the Christian faith. He also sees to be the real descendant and preach people that through him, salvation will obtain. He also assured the people that he would take 144,000 people to paradise on Judgment Day.

Now, the Shincheonji spiritual group has attracted millions of followers in South Korean and other countries like the United States. They practice and preserve strict spiritual principles that recently, this religious cult was why the massive spike of COVID 19 positives in South Korea. In the first week of February, South Korean has the lowest COVID 19 cases than other favorably affected countries. But one of those Shincheonji disciples, a woman, has infected thousands of people in just a couple days due to negligence. For more information please Click This Link

More than 60 percent of the total COVID 19 positive patients are of Shincheonji members. The end result of the sharp spike in COVID 19 instances in South Korea is all because of this woman who is a follower of the Shincheonji cult group. And the South Korean authority has already declared that the cult is behind exceeding the amount of patients infected with COVID 19. It all happens because the elderly woman who’s a devout disciple of the Shincheonji cult will not maintain standards guidelines and slipped out from the hospital many times to achieve services. And after a couple of days, she found out to be COVID positive and has infected her other devout disciples, thus spreading out. Therefore, the news spread like wildfire, and soon, the authority claimed that the Shincheonji cult group was the reason for the great spike on COVID 19.

They usually practice their work and service through running and operating social-action organizations. Though this cult is objected and criticized yet, they’re very successful and influential. The founder and creator of this cult claim that he has the special and unique capacity of interpreting the bible. He considers himself as immortal and says that salvation requires faith in under him. However, when study and research carefully, Shincheonji is entirely a significant diversion from the gospel’s actual teaching.

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