If you are learning about cults for the very first time, then you’re on the ideal platform. By the time you finish reading this article, you will have sufficient details about the cults and their beliefs and rituals. Who will be the cults? The cults are a set of individuals whose religious beliefs are different from those of mainstream Christian believers. The matter about cults is that they focus on a living individual who’s thought of as the leader of the group. Ever heard of Shincheonji in South Korea?

Shincheonji is a sort of spiritual group regarded by many as a cult whose members have been focused on their leader and founder of the church, Lee Man Hee. The teachings of Shincheonji are and still are extremely contentious, leading people outside the group to start an internet request to disband or stop the group completely. Coming back into the cult practice, the members of the team tend to be excessively zealous and devoted to their beliefs and leader. Another unusual practice concerning the cults is that they attempt to bring in new members by typically targeting the religiously vulnerable group.

Members are recruited and targeted via the internet, word of mouth, or advertisements luring people into after their team by becoming a member. Lots of people, especially those vulnerable ones, have already been talked out into following such religious cult, misleading them in their mainstream belief system. Cults are thought to be dangerous spiritual groups whose teachings are similar to the standard teachings you hear in a Christian church. Still another fact about cults that not many know of is that besides recruiting new members, they also focus on earning money.

It is also known that members of these religious group who queries or have doubts regarding their teachings and faith are discouraged. Some spiritual cult also punishes those members who dissent against their teachings. The members of these classes are also sometimes taught how they should act, feel and believe. To put it differently, the leaders of the cult produce a mind-controlling environment where its members are forced to follow their teachings.

The church’s doctrine say that Lee Man-hee, the founder and leader of this church, is that the pastor promised from the New Testament within the Holy Bible. It states that the current world is living in the time prophesied by the Book of Revelation. It further talks about how salvation or eternal life lies inside authentic religion together with the members. Everyone who’s not a part of the church will be refused forgiveness and destroyed during the final judgment.

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